Estrogen deficiency

What is estrogen deficiency?

Estrogen deficiency occurs when the body does not produce adequate amounts of the hormone estrogen. This commonly occurs after menopause in women as ovarian function declines. Deficiency can cause a variety of symptoms and health risks, including:

  1. Hot flashes and night sweats

  2. Vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse

  3. Worsening cholesterol levels and heart disease risk

  4. Heightened risk for osteoporosis

Causes and Development

Estrogen deficiency most often develops when:

1. Ovarian function naturally declines with ~~aging~~ menopause
2. Another condition damages the ovaries, such as endometriosis or cancer treatment

When this happens, estrogen levels plummet. Estrogen is essential for regulating normal body functioning, so decreasing levels wreak havoc.

Some early signs of deficiency to look for include:

"Irregular periods, worsening PMS, reduced fertility, and hot flashes"

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Reducing Deficiency Risks and Symptoms

While some risk factors are unavoidable, like aging, other lifestyle habits and interventions can help minimize estrogen deficiency effects:

Making proactive changes can lessen the blow of menopausal hormone shifts. Again, the physicians at Vitality Hormone Clinic can help create a personalized plan. Their comprehensive care restores hormonal balance from menarche through menopause.

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The Takeaway

In summary, estrogen deficiency commonly arises during perimenopause and menopause as the ovaries produce less estrogen. This drop causes unpleasant symptoms like hot flashes and vaginal dryness while elevating long-term health risks. Thankfully, lifestyle changes and medical therapies can ease the transition and effects of hormone loss. Consider scheduling a hormone consultation at Vitality Hormone Clinic today!

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