Fatigue is defined as an overwhelming sense of tiredness, lack of energy, and feeling of exhaustion. It can have profound effects on a person's quality of life and ability to complete daily tasks.
There are two main types of fatigue:

Causes of Fatigue

Fatigue can have many causes including:

Managing Fatigue

To help overcome fatigue, it's important to identify and address the underlying causes. Lifestyle strategies to boost energy include:

For some people, fatigue can be stubborn and difficult to treat. The medical professionals at Vitality Hormone Clinic specialize in treating various disorders that can contribute to low energy. Through customized hormone balancing and nutrition plans, we help patients regain their zest for life. Contact us today for a consultation!

If fatigue persists despite lifestyle changes, check with a healthcare provider. Unexplained chronic fatigue may indicate an underlying illness or nutrient deficiency that requires medical attention.

Diagnosing Fatigue

To get to the root cause of fatigue, doctors may recommend:

Treatment is aimed at tackling the specific factors causing fatigue in each individual. Lifestyle changes, therapy for underlying conditions, nutrition modifications and sometimes medications may be helpful. Learning stress management and pacing activities can also protect against fatigue.

With the right modifications and support, most causes of fatigue can be successfully managed. Partnering with one’s healthcare team is key to developing an appropriate treatment plan. The integrated care at Vitality Hormone Clinic takes fatigue relief to the next level through advanced testing, proven protocols and compassionate care. By getting to the root of exhaustion and energizing the body holistically, vibrant health can be restored.

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