What is inflammation?

Inflammation is the body's protective response to irritants, germs, damaged cells, or toxic compounds. When something harmful or irritating affects a part of our body, there are biological processes that try to remove it and promote healing. This often causes symptoms like redness, warmth, swelling, and pain.

The inflammatory response involves the immune system, blood vessels, and molecular mediators. Specialized white blood cells are activated to identify and eliminate threats. Blood vessels dilate and become more permeable, allowing fluids, proteins, and cells to leak into tissues. This causes the redness and heat. Various molecules called cytokines and interleukins regulate these effects.

Inflammation can be acute or chronic:

Some common examples of conditions involving inflammation include:

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Inflammation is a crucial attempt by the body to protect against threat and start healing. It involves intricate processes meant to eliminate infections or damage and promote tissue repair. However, inflammation sometimes persists abnormally or targets benign substances, leading to dysfunction. Understanding the complex mechanisms of inflammation provides insights for developing more effective treatments for many common diseases.

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