Low libido

What is low libido?

Low libido, or a decreased sex drive, is when someone experiences a lower interest in or desire for sexual activity than is considered average. Both psychological and physiological factors can contribute to low sex drive.

Some common causes of low libido include:

Low testosterone is a major cause of decreased sex drive in men over age 40. Menopause in women also commonly causes lagging libido due to dropping estrogen. Hormone therapy from Vitality Hormone Clinic can help safely and effectively treat hormonal causes of low sex drive.

What are signs of low libido? People with decreased sex drive may avoid sexual interactions with their partner, fantasize less about sex, and experience decreased arousal or ability to become stimulated. Physical intimacy may feel more like a chore or obligation than a pleasure.

How is low libido treated? Depending on the underlying cause, treatment options for low sex drive may include:

If low testosterone, menopause, or other hormonal issues are culprit, the MDs and pharmacy team at Vitality Hormone Clinic can provide customized hormone replacement therapy to help people reclaim their sex lives. Request a consultation today to learn about science-backed treatment options.

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